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"We Want Freedom"

in Tibetan

The first known recording of audio from the protests in Lhasa. It was recorded on March 11, when 500-600 monks from Sera Monastery were protesting. In it, people are heard chanting "nga tso la, rawang goh; nga tso la, rawang go" which means “we want freedom, we want freedom”


Amdo Ngaba Phone Call

in Tibetan

Protest in Zoegey County, Ngaba, Amdo Tibet. Tibetans can be heard demonstrating in front of Chinese government office. Slogans, among them “free Tibet” and “Dalai Lama's long life” could be heard in the background as a protester tries to reach the outside world through his phone.


Protest Surrender Announcements

In Tibetan 1
In Tibetan 2

Similar announcements were made via the local Chinese TV station and over loudspeakers in the streets. Audio recordings obtained from Machu, Amdo Tibet show how protesters were summoned to surrender.

Download Tibetan 1

Download Tibetan 2

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